Your resolution to succeed roots in the strong desire to aim to be the best and in our commitment to workout consistently smart, not hard.

Your new mindset will find ways to generate results in the most efficient ways. Tackle every task at hand and make small changes until your routine is perfect. Never call defeat and stay focused on reaching every little milestone on your way. Your end-goal will stand no chance but to be conquered.

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Are you truly committed to live a better, happier and healthier life?

You got this!  Just remember during your journey this saying: Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. We are hear to help you pass them all and see you on the other side.

Stay fit, get stronger and go for the win!

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Hydration Minipack and Correct Posture Workout Support!


How would you like to restore your correct back posture, alleviate your back pain, regain your focus and concentration and give your immune system a quick boost so you can enjoy an energized powerful workout, and spend quality time doing fun outdoors activities with your loved ones?

Erasing the years of unwanted pressure dyhidrated, cramped tight muscles put on our upper backs causing it to arch and ache, and shoulders, hips and spine to misalign, it’s not an easy task, but with therapy and exercise, lots of stretching and the right workout support, it can be done.

Our Hydration Minipack and Correct Posture Workout Support is designed specifically to relieve your upper back pain and gradually retrain your back muscles to fully sustain your spine in the optimal natural position.  Also, the limited mobility of your shoulders will prevent sudden excessive moves from happening, protecting your clavicle, spine and back muscles from twists, tears, sprains and fractures, significantly decreasing the possibility of sports injuries and increasing your movement precision and therefore your athletic and fitness performance.

By securing your shoulders in a straight upward position and staying hydrated at all times, it will allow your cramped muscles to loosen up and relax, so that your thoracic capacity will expend and your lungs will operate at full capacity.  This means, more oxygen will make its way into your bloodstream faster and before you know it, you will feel less fatigue, your brain will increase your focus and concentration, your body will get more energy to consume during exercises, and will benefit of stronger elongated resistance and burn more calories.

Get the most out of your efforts with the help of the Hydration Minipack and Correct Posture Workout Support!

    • It enhances your back posture
    • Increases your balance
    • Alleviates back pain
    • Improves spine misalignments
    • Combats slouchiness and hunchbacks
    • Secures optimal breathing 
    • Maximizes fitness results
    • Prevents sports back injuries
    • Features a water bottle pocket for hydration on the road
    • Safekeeping pocket for smart phones, keys or wallet 
    • Trendy style to compliment your outfits
    • Is fully adjustable to fit all body sizes 
    • Double padded straps for extra comfort
    • Does not cut into your underarms
    • Light weight and super resistant
    • Medical grade neoprene material
    • FDA approved manufacturer



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Love your body!
Give it the support it needs to exercise daily, breath well, stay hydrated and free of future injuries. In return, it will thank you by working hard to generate much needed energy to maximize performance results and calories burn. It will help you concentrate, stay balanced, focused and stress free. Your body will release endorphins to keep you enthusiastic, enjoying quality time with family and friends. Keeping your body hydrated, will combat fatigue and contribute regenerating your muscle mass. Flash out unwanted bacteria and prevent premature aging of the skin.  


 Secure proper breathing

 Prevents future upper back injuries

Maximizes fitness performance results 

Features a water bottle holder for hydration on the road

Features a smart phone safekeeping pocket 

 Customizable minimalistic trendy style

Soft at touch and fully adjustable for super comfort

Makes a perfect gift for any workout enthusiast


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