Look good – Feel good! This product is velvety soft at touch and fully adjustable for super comfort to all body types and sizes


Fully adjustable and ergonomically designed, the Hydration Minipack and Correct Posture Workout Support accommodates all body types and sizes. This form fitting product customizable to suit anyone from small to extra large and athletic to heavy weight, as well as their body tolerance level, is light weight and made out of a black soft breathable padded velvet composite material which wraps comfortably around the torso.

 Pull double adjusters to fit your body and snap up plastic buckle in front!

With the cotton straps comfortable wrapped around your body, buckle  up your belt under your chest and lock in your correct back posture, making sure your shoulders are pushed backwards, the spine is perfectly straight and  your shoulders are aligned with your hips. The two adjusters on each side of the buckle will allow the length of the straps to adjust to the size of your torso.