Helps you listen to music, stay in constant touch with your friends and track your results by featuring a smart phone safekeeping pocket


Engaging in daily physical activities is essential for our long-term health. There is no way around it. So, if we have to do it, we might as well make it fun, after all, our busy modern life taught us to be great at multitasking. The Hydration Minipack and Correct Posture Workout Support has a safe pocket suitable for smart phones, allowing you to stay connected with your friends and family, listen to music or an audio book and get plugged in the news while on the road.

What gets measured, gets done!
Stay on top of your game and track your fitness results on your phone. Knowing your numbers is key to achieving desired results. Track your steps, record your meals, count calories, it’s all part of your journey to fitness success. Follow your favorite trainers and listen to their motivational words and upbeat music while pushing your boundaries, striving to get better and better with every single workout. Have no fear – You can do it all champ!