Prevents future upper back injuries by holding your spine perfectly aligned and limiting dangerous twists and turns


Training like a pro it’s  never been a requirement for many of us trying to enjoy an active weekend playing a basketball game or a round of golf. Nor it is required that amateur athletes to study the bending and lifting techniques before we hit the gym. Still, that never stopped anyone from trying. Once our desire to exercise and be active kicks in, we are out the door.  Needless to say that training without professional supervision can cause us our enthusiasm to take over and without intention putting ourselves in harms way by creating  unwanted opportunities for back injury.  Should we stop or just keep going? 

Let’s say, don’t let fear get in the way and keep the momentum going!

With a little help from our hydration minipack and correct posture workout support, we won’t have to worry about our bodies  twisting and turning  so hard to cause muscle sprains, fractures or severe back injuries. No future injuries, no reasons to stop. Great results are on the way!